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NFHA Reports on a Nation Segregated by Race and Ethnicity

3 May 2017
National Fair Housing Alliance

The National Fair Housing Alliance (NFHA) released its annual report analyzing national trends in housing, including a compilation of data from fair housing organizations and government agencies. The report provides data and analysis on housing discrimination complaints across the country, and provides a number of recommendations to address housing discrimination, racial segregation, and underscores the importance of promoting an inclusive society.

The report first lays out the problem we face as a nation – that we are a country that remains heavily segregated by race and ethnicity. NFHA finds that 50% of Black persons and 40% of Latinos live in neighborhoods without a White presence, while the average White person lives in a neighborhood that is almost 80% White. Furthermore, 28,181 housing discrimination complaints were made in 2016, of those 55% complained of discrimination on the basis of disability, 19.6% on the basis of race, and 8.5% on the presence of children. 

Among the recommendations provided by NFHA were: increased funding for and support of organizations addressing fair housing issues, establishing an independent fair housing agency at the national level to address discrimination and segregation practices, and working collaboratively with different disciplines to take a holistic approach to furthering fair housing practices. 

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