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Opening Doors Report Shows Big Steps Forward

12 October 2011

The U.S. Interagency Council on Homelessness (USICH) released its annual Opening Doors progress report on October 3, reporting significant advances in several areas. Since Opening Doors is only one year old, it is too soon to track annual progress against the goals of Opening Doors, but the report highlights noteworthy steps taken in six categories: breaking down silos, better data collection, analysis and reporting, adoption of proven tools and effective practices, better use of targeted resources, improved access to mainstream resources, and increased engagement with states and communities.

USICH also recently announced Opening Doors Across America, a call to action for states and local communities to align plans to end homelessness with Opening Doors, to set targets and measure results in order to partner in the national efforts to end homelessness. The effort also aims to strengthen collaboration among Opening Doors communities and states, and establish stronger connections between communities and the federal government.

The Opening Doors-CT process is nearly complete, incorporating a wide variety of expertise gleaned from Connecticut’s housing and service providers, government officials and staff, and experts across many policy disciplines.  The Opening Doors-CT framework will address similar goals as the federal plan and incorporate many of its strategies, while tailoring interventions to Connecticut’s specific needs.

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