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PAHRC 2019 Housing Impact Report Released

25 June 2019

Public and Affordable Housing Research Corporation (PAHRC), the independent, nonprofit research center of HAI Group, has released its 2019 Housing Impact Report. The report explores the impact of federal publicly supported housing programs on the people these programs serve, and the current trends in public housing assistance.  

Nationally, publicly supported housing assists 13.71 million people. However, this number only represents 30% of eligible low-income households. In 2018, 103,406 low-income households in Connecticut received housing assistance, representing 37.2% of eligible households in the state.

According to PAHRC, 11.89 million low-income families could benefit from federally supported housing resources and called for an expansion of these resources to better address the housing needs of low-income families, seniors, and individuals who are living at the cusp of poverty.

PAHRC has created an interactive map allowing users to explore housing assistance data by demographic and geographic trends in publicly supported housing. Click here to explore the interactive map.

Click here to read the full report.