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Priced Out in Fairfield County - New Fact Sheet from PSC

4 November 2019

Click here to view the report.

On October 21, the Partnership released Priced Out in Fairfield County, an analysis of the housing market in Southwestern Connecticut. This one-page report concludes that "economic pressures, combined with policies that discourage new homebuilding, have contributed to a housing market that is increasingly unaffordable to all but the most wealthy renters" in the region.

Fairfield County, as with the rest of the nation, has seen an influx of renter households in recent decades. These demographic changes, however, have not spurred the creation of an adequate number of rental units. The result is a growing deficit of rental units that are available to renter households -- and lower-income households are hit the hardest by this shortage.

The Partnership's report contains a number of policy prescriptions that municipalities can follow in order to diversify their housing stock while broadening their municipal tax base.