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PSC Announces Giving Tuesday 2019 Fundraising Drive

26 November 2019

Update: Thank you to everyone who donated to our 2019 Giving Tuesday Campaign! Your generous efforts raised $4,225 to go towards ending homelessness and expanding housing opportunity in Connecticut. While our latest campaign is over, you can still donate to the Partnership via our donation platform.


It's that time of year!

With the holidays right around the corner, we take the opportunity to give thanks for the things that we are grateful for - friends, family, our health, a roof over our heads....

But as we all know, not everyone has a safe, affordable place to call home. That is why we are launching this year's #GivingTuesday Campaign with the ambitious goal of raising $10,000. New to 2019, we are using the peer-to-peer donation platform, Classy, to host our campaign. The donation page can be found here and is currently LIVE.

Through Classy, you can create your own individual fundraising page and distribute it amongst your network - social media, email lists, friends and family, anyone and everyone who you think may be interested in donating!

It is a simple process. All you do is follow the link and click "Become a Fundraiser". You then select "As an Individual" and voila! You enter your information, and you have your very own page already set up for you with default images and a donation appeal. You can set your own monetary goal, change the images, and adjust the messaging as desired. It is easily shareable on your social media and other frequented platforms.

Join PSC this #GivingTuesday on December 3rd to become an agent of change!

If you have questions about the platform or the process, please contact Grace at We are excited to launch this year's #GivingTuesday campaign and share with you all!

Happy Holidays!

Partnership for Strong Communities Team

Please consider donating to PSC's #GivingTuesday fundraiser, where your donation will help our efforts to end and prevent homelessness and expand affordable housing options in CT through a proven-effective upstream approach.