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Affordable Housing , Homelessness

PSC Op-Ed: Connecticut is a leader in ending homelessness, and Gov. Lamont can help finish the job

12 December 2019
Hartford Courant

Kiley Gosselin, Executive Director of the Partnership for Strong Communities, appeared in the Hartford Courant on December 1, 2019. Her op-ed piece, "Connecticut Is a Leader in Ending Homelessness, and Gov. Lamont Can Help Finish the Job," makes the case that sustained state investment in housing resources is necessary to end homelessness and expand housing opportunity in Connecticut.

"While we watch the homelessness crisis unfold in states like California and New York, Connecticut could be the first state to achieve a goal once thought insurmountable: making homelessness rare, brief and one-time. In 2005, an estimated 30,000 plus of our neighbors were experiencing homelessness. Today, that number is just over 3,000.

"While homelessness is still a major problem for Connecticut’s poorest residents, it’s important to realize just how close we are to making sure everyone in our state has a home. Recent cuts to state bond funding for affordable housing development, however, have put this progress in jeopardy and risk leaving thousands more people out on the streets. We need our state leaders to step back up and invest in an affordable, sustainable solution to homelessness."

Click here to read the full op-ed.