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Fact Sheets

PSC Releases New Fact Sheet On Coordinated Access Networks

30 January 2022

The Partnership for Strong Communities has released an updated fact sheet on the essential role that Coordinated Access Networks (CANs) play in Connecticut's homelessness response system, and why a stable and permanent source of funding is needed for this network.

Click Here To View The Fact Sheet.

Coordinated Access is the linchpin of Connecticut's homelessness response system, receiving over 70,000 calls for housing assistance every year. In 2021, thousands of families received housing assistance directly through the CANs. Despite this, the CANs are often at risk of being defunded.

Shelter use in Connecticut has decreased by 57 percent since 2012, coinciding with the statewide implementation of the CAN system. CANs are one of the most important tools we have to fight homelessness in Connecticut, and a more stable and permanent source of funding is needed.