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PSC Releases New Fact Sheet on COVID-19 and Connecticut’s Homeless Response System

10 February 2021

The Partnership for Strong Communities has released a new fact sheet detailing how Connecticut's homelessness system responded to COVID-19, and how that response has successfully limited transmission of COVID-19 to people experiencing homelessness in the state.

Click here to view the fact sheet.

At the outset of the pandemic, regional homeless service provider organizations worked with the state Department of Housing to decompress shelter capacity and reduce the risk of spread. The state secured hotel contracts across Connecticut and moved over 830 households from shelter to safer temporary living conditions.

Following that initial phase, providers transitioned to finding permanent housing for people experiencing homelessness, including people who were formerly housed in hotels. From March 2020 to January 2021, 2,992 households in Connecticut successfully exited homelessness to housing, including 525 from temporary hotel accommodations.

The fact sheet concludes by stating that COVID-19 has shown that the preventing and ending homelessness in Connecticut is a reachable goal.

"When Connecticut residents have access to safe and stable housing, their economic and health outcomes improve. This is true under any circumstance, but COVID-19 has shown that ensuring access to permanent housing is imperative—and possible."