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PSC/Trinity College Public Policy Program Publication: Zoning Regulations, Public Health, and NIMBYism in Connecticut

21 June 2022

Trinity Students and PSC collaborate on practicum research report on Zoning, Public Health, more. 

Last month, as part of a practicum to complete the Master’s in Arts Public Policy program at Trinity College, graduate students Pearson Caldwell, Annika Davies, and Jacquida Mars partnered with PSC to release their research report, Zoning Regulations, Public Health, and NIMBYism in Connecticut.


Utilizing their own and original PSC research, the students explore the relationship between zoning laws and public health outcomes, as well as possible public health disparities created by zoning laws. Their analysis covers two case studies in Connecticut, examining the Norwich and Waterbury communities.


PSC‘s Carline Charmelus, Collective Impact & Equity Manager, advised the Trinity students in their research to examine the effects of zoning on racial disparities in public health. “It is clear that zoning regulations and “Not in My Backyard “efforts have continued to exacerbate housing segregation in Connecticut which in turn has led to negative health-related issues in CT cities, such as growing asthma rates, increased blood lead levels in children, and inequitable access to healthcare”, said Carline. “This report demonstrates with the Norwich and Waterbury case studies that the relationship between zoning regulations and racial disparities in public health not only exists but is causing great distress to the quality of life for so many residents of our state.”


Click here to read the research paper. 


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