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Public Opinion: Affordable Housing is a Top National Priority

15 April 2019
Opportunity Starts at Home

The Opportunity Starts at Home campaign published the results of its national public opinion survey on issues related to affordable housing. The results demonstrate bipartisan public interest in housing affordability as a national priority.

“The vast majority of the public (85%) believes that ensuring everyone has a safe, decent, affordable place to live should be a “top national priority.’”

The results show public concern over affordability is increasing. Approximately 60% of the participants surveyed identified housing affordability as a serious problem in their region, a 20% increase from 2016 findings. Further, the vast majority (76%) believe it is getting harder to find affordable housing compared to previous generations.

To conclude, participants were asked about their support on a number of policy considerations. The survey findings demonstrated an overall desire for more support for families struggling to afford housing. A majority (68%) surveyed believe the government is not doing enough to ensure affordability. The survey results showed bipartisan support in elected officials taking action on housing.

The survey was commissioned through Hart Research Associates, with a sample size of 1,201 adults, reflecting a diverse mix of demographic and geographic indicators.

Click here for the press release and here for the survey results.