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Raising Your Voice Matters

10 May 2017
Partnership for Strong Communities (PSC) and CT Coalition to End Homelessness (CCEH)

Cindy Dubuque, Reaching Home Campaign Manager, Partnership for Strong Communities and Sarah Fox, Director of Advocacy and Community Impact, CT Coalition to End Homelessness


Advocacy takes many shapes and forms.  It can consist of making phone calls, writing letters and sending emails to a more intimate one-on-one conversation between advocates and policy makers. There are many approaches, and each one is important and beneficial to informing and persuading decision makers.  This session, providers have been advocating in a number of meaningful ways including hosting in-district site visits, attending advocacy days and lobbying at the Capitol.
For this year’s 4th Annual Homelessness and Housing Advocacy Days, coordinated by the CT Coalition to End Homelessness and the Partnership for Strong Communities, over 250 homeless service providers and client advocates, from across the state, came to the legislative office building to meet with their legislators.  Providers not only met with legislators in groups, but also one-on-one and at the Capitol, while the House of Representatives were in session. 

Together, we reached more than 135 legislators and aides to ask them to preserve funding for housing services and programs.  Advocates shared their stories and concerns about how cuts to our state's homeless response resources could result in increased homeless on our streets - risking a reversal of our progress to date, and forcing additional costs of homelessness onto other community services.

When we conduct advocacy, we not only represent ourselves, we also speak for those who may feel silenced.  We give a voice to those who may feel disempowered and we ensure that they are not forgotten. Through our efforts, we are making a difference and we are ending homelessness. 

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