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SchoolHouse Connection Releases New Report on Support for Housing-Insecure Charter School Students

15 December 2020
SchoolHouse Connection

SchoolHouse Connection has released a new report, Charter Schools and Students Experiencing Homelessness: Practices and Recommendations for Success, which outlines best practices charter schools can use to support students experiencing homelessness. It outlines the provisions that are available under the McKinney-Vento Act. It shares key questions that teachers, staff, administrators, and parents can ask to ensure students experiencing homelessness can get equitable education. It provides a landscape overview of the number of students experiencing homelessness who are currently enrolled in charter schools and their demographic characteristics. According to the report, at least 60,000 students enrolled in charter schools are experiencing homelessness. Additionally, public charter schools serve a larger percentage of Black and Latinx students than in traditional public schools.

The report concludes by providing a list of recommendations that charter schools can implement to ensure equitable educational outcomes of students experiencing homelessness enrolled in charter schools. These include eliminating barriers to enrollment for students, supporting students and families, school and out of school, and collecting and analyzing data of students experiencing homelessness.  

Click here to read the report.