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Study Examines Community Participation Among Those Experiencing Homelessness

30 September 2015
International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health

A new research study published in the International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health examines rates of community participation among those who have experienced homelessness. The study, Factors Associated with Community Participation among Individuals Who Have Experienced Homelessness, analyzes findings from 120 participants who were either experiencing homelessness or those recently housed.

The study finds that recently housed individuals were less likely to participate in community activities compared to those who were experiencing homelessness. In addition, those who were single tended to participate in fewer activities than individuals who were in a relationship. The study discusses that individuals living in permanent homes may be spending more time doing household chores and may not have as much time for community activities. On the other hand, those who are experiencing homelessness may spend more time seeking services opportunities, which in effect makes them more engaged in their community.

The authors identify some limitations to the study, such as the small sample size, the measures used to assess community participation, and method used to collect the data.

Click here to access the study.