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Study Explores New Prioritization Tool for PSH

21 June 2017
The Economic Roundtable

Prioritizing Which Homeless People Get Housing with Predictive Algorithms summarizes the creation of a new assessment tool for prioritizing chronic homeless individuals for permanent supportive housing (PSH). The triage tool, entitled the Silicon Valley Triage Tool (SVTT) incorporates six years of administrative data from seven state agencies in Santa Clara County, and develops a predictive model to help identify and target current and future high utilizers of public services- individuals with the highest costs for PSH resources. According to the study, people who have been diagnosed with a chronic medical condition, who frequented the emergency room or clinic in the past or previous year had been arrested in the last two years were more likely to be high-cost utilizers of social services.

The researchers noted, “the most efficient use of the tool is for regular, ongoing system-wide screening of linked records rather than screening clients individually.” However, a reformatted version can be used to screen individual clients.

Click here to read the study.