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Olde Oak Village: Learning from One Another & Erasing Class Lines

Just as Olde Oak Village residents form neighborly relationships across the generational gap, they also exchange information, interests, and advice with neighbors of different ethnicities or income levels.

Often, the simplest of gestures count the most. Louis Pechmann, for instance, enjoys sharing his passion for NASCAR with some of his neighbors, or talking politics with Greg Bachand.  Pechmann described how he picks up tips on taxes from his next-door neighbor, a woman who owns an affordable-rate home and works at the town tax office. He talks insurance with another neighbor, as Louis’s own brother also works in the same field.

On another note, Tanya Bachand and her son also benefit from learning from and spending time with their neighbors with children similar in age to her son. In Olde Oak Village, neighborly exchanges are truly mutual: not only do owners of affordable homes benefit from networks with owners of market-rate homes; the opposite also takes place.

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