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Olde Oak Village: Measures of Success, Crime

Residents of Olde Oak Village emphasize that life in their neighborhood is peaceful and quiet. Like Heritage Glen in Farmington, Olde Oak Village in Wallingford has seen attention from the Wallingford Police Department that is no different from that of other similar communities in town.

Chief Douglas Dortenzio of the Wallingford Police Department summarized police attention for Olde Oak Village in the past year:  “For three small streets that abut an arterial roadway, we have had some forty-seven public safety calls since July 1, 2010. I don’t consider the nature of the service calls to be strikingly unusual though the volume of calls seems to be a bit higher than other similarly situated small streets. The majority of the calls are alarm activations, medical calls, and fire calls of some sort.” 

A Deeper Look Inside Olde Oak Village

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