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Thriving Communities: Olde Oak Village

Free-Standing Condos in Wallingford, CT

Homes in Olde Oak Village are free-standing condominiums with their own driveways, front porches, and decks, situated among three small side streets in Wallingford. Residents run the gamut of backgrounds, ethnicities, and professions: retired couples, divorced individuals, single parents and young families, single adults, young couples; tax officials, insurance experts, consultants, lawyers, nurses, retired construction drivers —all live in Olde Oak Village. Among all of the reasons why residents chose to move to, and stay in, Olde Oak Village, the most common is the privacy, space, and quiet of the neighborhood.

Very much like the feelings that Farmington officials express about Heritage Glen, Wallingford town officials believe Olde Oak Village has been an important addition to the municipality’s spectrum of housing choices both for the affordability and value of the homes and also because of the quality of its construction and design.

“My review of the impact of Olde Oak Village has produced the following positive results,” said Robert F. Parisi, chairman of the town council. “A development that features the following parameters for a mixed-income, carefully designed and adequately financed (group of homes is) a valuable addition to a town’s Grand List and options for housing offered to young starter families, middle-income families and to elderly home owners who are in a phase of transition. The economic differences are not distinguishable. The most important aspect of this type of development is the quality offered by the builder, as this will contribute to the overall approval of the buying public.”

A Deeper Look Inside Olde Oak Village

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