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Outcome: Many New Housing Options

There have been many affordable housing units built within multi-family housing developments as a part of the Four Corners revitalization effort. The housing developments are located on Federal Road, also known as the Route 7 bypass, and Laurel Hill Road which runs parallel. 

Oak Meadows, Brookfield, CT

The condos, apartments, townhomes and single-family home developments include Barnbeck, Oak Meadows, Mill River Views, Riverview Townhouses, Residences at Laurel Hill, Townhomes on Laurel Hill, Newbury Village, Brookfield Crossings and other projects that have been approved but not yet built. 

Miller River Views, Brookfield, CT

              Of the developments that are built, there are 149 affordable units, or about 27% of the total, affordable at income levels ranging from no more than $47,220 for a single person or $63,240 for a family of four, to a maximum household income of $84,320. The market rate one-bedroom units are renting at approximately $1,500/month and market rate two-bedrooms are renting at approximately $2,500/month. These prices are affordable to those earning $60,000 to $100,000, or approximately 57% to 95% of median area income. 

Brookfield Crossina, Brookfield, CT

These housing developments are key in assuring the success of the center town district: more people living near Four Corners will likely provide customers for businesses in the area while increasing the options for those who want to be closer to their workplace. “Each development that has been approved has a retail component,” said Alice Dew, the Brookfield Land Use Manager. Dew highlighted Brookfield Village, an approved project on Federal Road, which designates 21,000 square feet for commercial use.  There is interest in new businesses and restaurants, and the town is supportive of new ideas. “We have recently passed new microbrewery regulations because there is interest in that,” Dew said. 

A Deeper Look Inside Brookfield

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