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Reaching Home Campaign - Leadership and Structure

The Campaign is made up of a dynamic community of stakeholders drawing together around the singular mission of ending homelessness in Connecticut. With more than 200 partners across 120 organizations representing a variety of sectors the Reaching Home Campaign develops policies, elicits community support and resources that will bring an end to homelessness in Connecticut.

The Reaching Home Campaign has five Workgroups in addition to a Coordinating Committee. The Workgroups help drive creative and collaborative solutions to prevent and end homelessness in Connecticut.

Coordinating Committee

The Coordinating Committee helps coordinate the Reaching Home Campaign and provides guidance to Reaching Home Workgroups. Additional functions include:

  • Approving major policies
  • Finalizing funding recommendations
  • Assisting Workgroups with agenda and direction
  • Coordinating information flow between Workgroups
  • Disseminating information
  • Setting legislative agendas and priorities for sessions

Reaching Home Workgroups

The Workgroups of the Campaign establish and monitor project Task Groups and report back to the Coordinating Committee. Additional functions include:

  • Determining workload and priorities
  • Drafting legislative recommendations
  • Raising issues to be addressed in a Task Group
  • Identifying data needs
  • Maintaining communication with the other Workgroups and Coordinating Committee

Task Groups

The Task Groups of the Campaign are meant to be time-limited groups focused on resolving a specific, established problem with a key set of deliverables and expected outcomes. Additional functions include:

  • Identifying systems efficiencies and barriers
  • Identifying funding needs and providing funding allocation recommendations
  • Driving outcomes through established deliverables
  • Delivering final recommendations to assigned Workgroup
  • Members of the Task Groups can include Workgroup members and/or other relevant stakeholders with subject matter expertise.

Individuals interested in joining one of the Campaign’s Coordinating Committee, working groups, and task groups can now fill out an online application form, which will be reviewed on an ongoing basis by the Partnership for Strong Communities staff and the workgroup co-chairs.

Consistent internal and external communication is critical to keeping everyone informed and engaged in the work of the Campaign. Sign-up for the Partnership Newsletter to receive regular campaign updates.

A presentation that outlines the structure of the Reaching Home Campaign is available here.

Learn more about the Campaign by reading the Collective Impact and Workgroup Management Handbook.