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The Partnership for Strong Communities is committed to producing original research, policy analysis, and other resources to promote housing affordability and an end to homelessness in Connecticut.

Below is a list of the most recent resources from the Partnership. For further questions, please contact us at


Housing Data Profiles

The Partnership for Strong Communities's Housing Data Profiles are a free resource to help Connecticut residents, developers, legislators, municipal officials, and others make data-informed decisions. Profiles are available for every town in the state, as well as each county, and the state as a whole.

Housing Data Profiles offer data on an array of housing metrics across Connecticut, providing users with information on housing stock, income, race, age distribution of residents, housing characteristics (age of housing stock, number of single-family or multifamily homes, number of bedrooms in homes), housing costs and affordability, housing production and affordable units.

Click here to access the Housing Data Profiles


Reports and Publications

The Partnership employs a staff of policy analysts to oversee work by research consultants, compile data, and write reports on Connecticut's housing situation. Our outreach materials are based on solid data aggregated from state and federal government sources, think-tanks and policy organizations, and business groups. We issue reports and publications, including the Housing in CT and Homelessness in CT annual barometer of Connecticut housing conditions, and a range of fact sheets and email communications that are sent to members of Congress and the General Assembly, their staffs, mayors and first selectmen, planners and a range of other government, non-profit and private-sector partners.

Click here for our most recent reports and publications


Fact Sheets

The Partnership frequently releases new fact sheets on important legislation and policy topics relevant to Connecticut residents. Our fact sheets provide up-to-date information about affordable housing, homelessness, supportive housing and more in convenient and succinct form, with downloadable and printable PDF files.

Click here to view our most recent fact sheets


COVID-19 Resource Guide

The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic poses a clear risk to people experiencing homelessness as well as service provider organizations. To help better connect people to the services they need, the Partnership has created a database of resources for advocates and providers to use during COVID-19.

Click here to view our COVID-19 Resource Guide