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Reaching Home Workgroup: Retooling the Crisis Response System

Workgroup Description:

Create a coordinated homelessness response system
Primary strategies:

  • Establish a Coordinated Access system using 2-1-1 and HMIS as the intake the tools
  • Establish a uniform screening and assessment tool
  • Establish and implement community-wide housing registries that prioritize by vulnerability, chronic homelessness, and high system utilization
  • Improve discharge planning for individuals leaving institutions
  • Engage mainstream systems to ensure a continuum of solutions are available to address the emergency needs for all subpopulations served by the CANs
  • Strengthen capacity of HMIS system to meet expanded data-matching, reporting and research needs
  • Align state and local activities

Support the housing stability of vulnerable individuals, families and children
Primary strategies:

  • Develop statewide standards and performance measures
  • Develop statewide population measures on prevention for high need, including chronic homelessness
  • Make recommendations on aligning resources for housing and services
  • Secure rapid rehousing resources necessary to meet the need
  • Secure adequate resources for shelter diversion

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For more information about the Retooling the Crisis Response Workgroup, please contact Alicia Woodsby - or 860-244-0066.

Last Updated: July 11, 2016