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Thriving Communities: Heritage Glen

Rental Units in Farmington, Connecticut

The 68 attached rental homes in Heritage Glen – townhouses configured in wooded courtyards – consist  of 14 one-bedroom units, 50 two-bedroom units, and four three-bedroom units, split among four buildings and all situated in a quiet, wooded area set back from Route 6 in Farmington, a few minutes from Interstate 84.

Residents of Heritage Glen make up a wide range of demographics:  families with young children, families with teenagers, single individuals, young couples, retirees, graduate students and medical professionals at the nearby University of Connecticut medical and dental institutions. Likewise, individuals of white, black, Hispanic, Asian, and other ethnic backgrounds live at Heritage Glen. Many parents at Heritage Glen stress the benefits of the highly-regarded Farmington schools that their children can attend because their families can afford to live in Farmington, a generally affluent community.

Farmington officials and residents recognize the positive role Heritage Glen has played in widening the spectrum of housing opportunities in the town. Jeffrey Ollendorf, the Farmington town planner, described the impact of Heritage Glen:

“The Heritage Glen project, as all of Farmington’s recently constructed mixed-income rental developments, has been a valuable addition to Farmington’s housing stock. The affordable housing units set aside as part of this project have allowed a number of Farmington residents to stay in the community, including younger residents who grew up in town and a number of elderly and divorced persons.
“The Town is very proud of Heritage Glen as a nationally award winning development and its maintenance program has kept it as an attractive site as its landscape continues to mature. Heritage Glen has now become an accepted part of the surrounding single family neighborhood and I believe that it is the type of development that towns and cities would find as an asset.”

A Deeper Look Inside Heritage Glen

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