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What We're Doing About Homelessness

Opening Doors...

…to a future where everyone has a home.
Guided by the Reaching Home Campaign, Connecticut has made impressive strides in preventing and ending homelessness. A national leader, it has created more than 4,700 units of permanent supportive housing in over half its communities. The state’s emergency room, Medicaid, mental health, social service and local government costs have been reduced as a result.

We can finish the job.
Homelessness in Connecticut can be erased. Opening Doors - Connecticut, the strategic statewide framework kicked off in January 2012, is inspired by the vision that no one should experience homelessness – no one should be without a safe, stable place to call home.

Modeled after the federal Opening Doors initiative, Opening Doors – Connecticut will take us to next level by fostering:

  • Integrated, targeted solutions.
  • A comprehensive approach that fosters connections between housing, healthcare, employment, prevention, education, veterans, criminal justice, behavioral health and child welfare systems.
  • Collaboration among community leaders, state government, business executives and human services specialists, among others.
  • New partnerships that recognize housing as a key prevention and healthcare intervention tool.
  • A targeted focus on the most vulnerable populations.

It takes everyone to end homelessness.
Opening Doors - Connecticut includes a broad range of partners and is focused on getting results – ensuring housing, healthcare, education, job training and rapid response – and measuring outcomes to continually gauge effectiveness.

The Goal:
In 5 years - end homelessness among veterans and adults who are chronically homeless with mental illness, substance abuse and other disabilities. In 10 years - end homelessness among families, children and youth. Set a path for ending all types of homelessness.

The Result:
Stable, healthy families and individuals, less use of expensive crisis services, veterans receiving the care they deserve, and children on a positive road to opportunity.

Homelessness is unacceptable. Homelessness is solvable and preventable. Homelessness is expensive. Invest in solutions.

Take Action!

You can help make a difference by advocating for more affordable and supportive housing on the local, state and national levels.

Learn more about What You Can Do.