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What We're Doing About It


The Campaign for Affordable Housing

HOMEConnecticut is a statewide campaign aimed at increasing the stock of affordable housing in Connecticut.  In July 2006, a range of educators, economists, business executives, planners, mayors and first selectmen and many others gathered to suggest ways to proceed. From that group, the Partnership for Strong Communities invited 43 initial members to join the HOMEConnecticut Steering Committee.

Together, business and labor, builders and environmentalists, municipalities and housing advocates researched, developed and successfully garnered legislative approval of a program that provides municipalities with an uncommonly effective housing creation tool. The Connecticut Housing Program for Economic Growth, known as the HOMEConnecticut program, was created in 2007. The HOMEConnecticut program is voluntary and, for towns that choose to use it, provides municipal officials and town residents with complete control over the amount, location, type and design of the housing.

Learn more about the HOMEConnecticut program here.

Working with Municipalities

The Partnership works to help municipalities create affordable housing in many ways. The 2011 Hope Regional Housing Forums, presented with the Connecticut Association of Realtors and the HOPE Partnership, provide town-by-town housing market and municipal impact data, offer financing, planning and development tools, and describe successful strategies for drawing on community understanding and support to create affordable, mixed-income housing to mayors, first selectmen, zoning commissioners and business and community leaders.

Promoting Preservation

In 2010, the Partnership, working with the Connecticut Department. of Economic and Community Development, the Connecticut Housing Finance Authority and others, began to develop a better picture of the capital needs of existing low income affordable housing units throughout the state that are at risk due to the expiration of affordability agreements, physical deteriorated and/or financial distress. This analysis includes examining whether any patterns emerge with regard to geography, population served, vacancy or funding program for properties experiencing financial or physical distress.

Collaboration: Bringing People Together

Affordable housing is an issue that everyone cares about, whether they know it or not. The Partnership is dedicated to bringing people with different backgrounds and  interests together to learn how housing affordability impacts their lives. At the 2014 IForum Series, the Partnership filled the Lyceum Conference Center with a diverse group of federal, state and municipal officials, advocates and business leaders all to hear academics, experts and successful practitioners share their stories and recommendations for Connecticut. Affordable housing can only benefit our communities and we work hard to make sure more people understand how.