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A Vital Role

The Partnership for Strong Communities plays a vital role in shaping solutions to end homelessness, develop healthy neighborhoods and to create more affordable housing opportunities for workers, young professionals and families.

A Leader

The Partnership is a leader in policy development, advocacy and research in Connecticut. We produce studies, inform state policymakers and municipal officials, and convene scholars, practitioners, business executives and government leaders at our Hartford-based home, The Lyceum Resource and Conference Center. Our executives and policy staff speak at conferences across the state, region and nation.

Statewide Campaigns

The Partnership staffs two statewide campaigns - Reaching Home, the campaign to build the civic and political will to prevent and end homelessness in Connecticut, and HOMEConnecticut, a statewide campaign aimed at creating more affordable housing throughout the state.

Research, Reports and Forums

The Partnership creates and distributes reports, including annual assessments of Connecticut's housing market. In addition, the Partnership produces an annual series of housing policy forums which explore the connections between affordable housing and various policy issues, such as education, the environment, transportation, healthcare, municipal budgets and more.


For housing assistance or services, please contact the United Way's InfoLine by dialing 2-1-1.